Are IBAN numbers recorded?

No Iban information that is questioned on our site is recorded.

Where do you get the information in the IBAN?

When querying the IBAN, our program can understand whether it is correct or not by using its own coding. We obtain other information from the official channels of each country.

Does the IBAN we questioned have anything to do with you?

Our site is designed especially to make the lives of our colleagues working in finance easier. Therefore, any IBAN questioned has nothing to do with us.

I queried the buyer's IBAN on your site and sent money to that IBAN, but the buyer does not send my product, what can I do?

We also mentioned this issue in the warning section. Unfortunately, our website has nothing to do about this. You also have to take legal action in this regard.

Can we see who owns the IBAN?

Since our website is not connected to a banking system and due to the confidentiality of personal information, we do not display this information.

What happens if my IBAN knowledge falls into someone else's hands?

IBAN information is not information that should be hidden like credit card information. The worst thing someone can do when they get their hands on your IBAN is sending money to your account.